Eco-Hygiene: Menstrual Cups

*This post is geared directly toward women and will explicitly talk about menstruation. So if you are not interested in this topic, then you can take a gander at the other posts available. But if you want to take better control of your vaginal health and save some dough in the process, please continue reading.


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Go. See. Art. – Travel Art Journal: Kanchanaburi Border Bounce


Recently, J and I went up for our first border bounce. To do that, we headed north of Hua Hin and traveled for about 3 hours to the town of Kanchanaburi. The town was another hour and a half away from the border; which was our next destination. But we’d heard about the different touristy things to do there so we decided to make a weekend of it.

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Avoid Getting Drenched on Your S.E Asia Adventure During Rainy Season


Recently I traveled to Pala-u Waterfall about an hour or so outside Hua Hin. When we got there it had already begun to drizzle. But this being Thailand, I knew it would only last for a short while and then it would subside. It didn’t. The rain got me thinking about other travelers who choose to come to Thailand during rainy season and how they can ensure that they have a great time regardless of the daily rains.

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We finished our last semester at Phukhieo School back in February ’16. Before we started our current job in Hua Hin, Thailand, we were able to go back to America for a few weeks. It all started because my dad donated some money to the local Red Cross. He was then entered into a drawing for a new Honda CRV; which, you guessed it! He won. What was he to do with his old jeep? Well he lovingly passed her on to me. But that meant a road trip.

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Teaching in Thailand: Highlights of a One Month In-Class TESOL Course


After three semesters of working at a Thai government school, I was offered the awesome opportunity to teach TESOL to incoming teachers of Thailand. Teaching adults is a completely different ball of wax that is a truly wonderful facet of education. Especially in this type of environment where like minded, adventurous souls come together, bringing different perspectives and personalities from all over the world into one classroom.

This last group I got to work with was such a wildly diverse group of people and was another reminder of why I do what I love.

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Happy Songkran! – Positives and Negatives of an Iconic Holiday

Happy Songkran

It’s that time of year again! Songkran, or Thai New Year is celebrated from the 13th-15th of April and sometimes longer. It’s a fun holiday, filled with food, drinks, friends, family… and a lot of water. But being the sometimes overly logical person that I am, I can’t help but to overanalyze it. The end result are a number of positives and negatives that come with this iconic holiday. Continue reading